Friday, January 24, 2014

Creating Heroes!

The Hero Creation variations in Enhanced - Advanced Heroquest are really nothing new, but certainly new to this game. I wanted to add a few more options for players to choose from and also add another stream for character advancement. Again, several of the other variants have already covered this and with great variety and complexity, and again, I was seeking a more simple and elegant approach. Here you can choose from 9 different character choices; that is 3 different Human characters, 3 Dwarf, and 3 Elf characters (with more coming in fact). Be sure to check out the EAHQ-CreatingHeroes (PDF) file in the DOWNLOADS page.

Character advancement was a bit more tricky but after much brainstorming at Ye Olde Inn and elsewhere I came up with the Skill Cards system (thanks Sjeng and Patroclus).

The Skill Cards enable a Hero to possess powerful abilities without breaking the game balance. He can flaunt his skill at just the right moment; and as he becomes a more experienced adventurer he can do this more frequently.

All of the Skill Cards can be found at the back of the rulebook, or included with the Hero Creation pdf, and also as a standalone pdf file ready for printing. The former two options also include the table for selecting the Skill Cards based on race and class.  Finally, if you don't like the Skill Card idea - the game is in no way ruined by excluding them.

See the DOWNLOADS page of this blog to get these pdf files. Here is an example Skill Card (front and back):


  1. Love you work!
    You've been awarded!!

  2. Been a while - hope you are doing well. I'm getting someone's used talisman box soon and plan to use one primary colour for each figure and do their base with that colour ;)

  3. I could not find the rules for the Elf Mage character... :( Does it play like a Human Wizard.

  4. Check out the Creating Heroes PDF in the downloads.

    It's all in there. :)