Gaming and Miniature photos of our Enhanced - Advanced Heroquest games!

And so it begins... (I realize these photos are pretty sad but it's all I've got so far):
A little more work, some simple base coating...
Some more progress... some Skaven Warriors and Champions, basically almost done.

This is as far as I'll take these guys; they already took me several nights which was more than intended.


  1. I like these. Good clean paintjobs.
    I chose a more colourful palette myself, mainly because I don't need them to be as uniform as an army (I use them in HeroQuest), and I think Skaven aren't that organized :P
    Still, paintjobs like these look great.

  2. Skavens are organized in clans... not only the specialist ones like Moulder, Greyseers ... also in a huge variety of warrior clans of different sizes:

    Figor dixit