Friday, December 6, 2013

The Advanced Heroquest Knight...

Well honestly I am not crazy about this model, and I had a real tough time painting it. I am currently unable to paint (due to shoulder surgery) but I might just strip and start over eventually. The eyes are my least favorite part of the sculpt but overall it was rather disappointing haha. The Dwarf was a little better, coming later...


  1. I think he looks pretty good - but I would have chosen another colour than red and made the base that colour as well (unless all PC will be red w red bases).

    1. Yeah I totally agree about the base and red, and the reason I want to repaint him. The Wizard already has a red base and I've decided to I'd like to have them with corresponding colored bases. Nothing on this model came out the way I wanted though...

    2. Knew I could convince you how great a look it was!
      Purple = amethyst
      Green = elf?
      Pink = amazon? (or is she going to be your barbarian?)
      Yellow = dwarf (gold!)
      Blue = Knight?

      etc? very cool!

    3. NM just saw the barbarian in the background ;-)

    4. Hah yeah exactly... definitely purple for the Amethyst Wizard and Green for the Elf, but I'm not certain on the other colors yet. The Dwarf has a blue/grey cloak so I might use that for him. But I do have several Dwarf models, and several Barbarian models too haha.

  2. Doesn't look like he needs paint stripping to me mate :0


  3. If you want to save yourself some stripping, send that well-painted Heinrich to me and I'll send you one of my unpainted ones ;)