Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Slev's Advanced Heroquest site!

Entering Slev's Dungeon...

The Dungeon Master himself has finally assembled all of his Advanced Heroquest modifications in one no nonsense, right to the point, web site. Find Slev's Advanced Heroquest: Reforged here: http://advancedheroquest.webs.com/.

Slev's mod, previously known as AHQ2 is by far the most significant content based, fan-variant to the game. My own variation borrows some mechanics from Slev's great work. He went to great lengths to improve the game and clearly put an enormous amount of time into design and play-testing. Slev managed an expansive reshaping, far beyond my skill level, and every diehard fan should check it out.
"If you’ve played the original Advanced HeroQuest, you’ll find that the game is 90% the same mechanically, and entirely the same in feel. You just have a lot more options now than you did before.

If you’ve never played Advanced HeroQuest, then this is an excellent place to start!"
Head over to Slev's new site: http://advancedheroquest.webs.com/ and see for yourself; one look into his downloads archive clearly demonstrates just how much work he's put into the game.

Some other fun Advanced Heroquest sites: http://www.kabay.arc.net.au/main1.htm, http://greywolf.critter.net/ahq.htm, http://www.toco.be/ahq/.


  1. Nice to see you posting again - I've managed to get a few more baddies and a single hero painted up since your blog last motivated me. Looking forward to peeking at these rules :)

  2. nice to see this making a showing. ive done some stuff in conjunction with slev on this (monster cards, templates maps etc). definately the way to go if you wanna play AHQ *big thumbs up :)