Monday, November 11, 2013


The mechanics for spellcasting in Enhanced - Advanced Heroquest are changed a bit from the original system. Keeping track of spell components was tedious and needlessly complex - so they've been removed!

Well almost, spell components are still listed in the various spell books and continue to serve one purpose; that is determining if the magic user can move and cast (spell has 1 component) or if he must remain stationary in order to cast (spell has more than 1 component). Buying and/or possessing the actual components however is no longer necessary.

Without the restriction of having to stock up on and maintain these various ingredients, a Wizard could conceivably hurl endless spell-craft at his opponents barring further regulation. This is where the Tremors in the Warp rule comes into play. Basically throughout the combat, the magic user can cast 3 spells as normal - then he can continue to cast but things start to get risky!
Tremors in the Warp
In the midst of battle a Wizard can easily become mentally exhausted, and the insidious and treacherous powers of the chaos empyrean are quick to capitalize on any weakness. Until play has once again returned to exploration turns, for every attempted spell after the initial three, the Wizard must make a Tremors in the Warp test with progressively difficult odds of success. The depleted Wizard must roll a D12 for each subsequent attempt after the third. On the fourth attempt, he must roll a 4 or better to succeed or else something has gone terribly wrong. On the fifth attempt things go awry on any roll less than 5; on the sixth attempt he fails on a roll of less than 6, and so forth. When the Wizard fails this test he must then roll on the table below to find out the results and may not cast a spell this turn. The risk is always great but obviously there is a point at which the Wizard will simply be unable to cast anymore spells.

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  1. Hi there, interesting rule change - I've bee looking for something to help balance Wizards, but how do you find this works with non-combat spells? For example doesn't this mean a wizard could heal everyone to full after every combat, or use Open Window to see into every room and round every corner?

    1. Hi thanks for the comment. There have actually been some changes not yet uploaded/fully-tested to address that exact issue.

      Basically you always use the Tremors in the Warp rule with a +1 to the table during exploration turns. That's the most simple solution (see below)...

      Spells cast in an exploration turn will still use the Tremors in the Warp rule but the Wizard can add +1 to any rolls on the Tremors in the Warp Table due to his relaxed (but alert!) disposition.

      Additionally I wanted to add a way for higher level Wizards to gain a re-roll on the table as well but that has not been worked out yet.

  2. I myself have been tinkering with the magic mechanic. So far I have come up with the idea, that a starting wizard can cast each spell 1 time during an exploration, and gets his uses back once he leaves the dungeon (just like spending and regaining fate points)
    He can buy additional uses for the cost 4 times of the used components (a spell with 1 component: 100gc), then he has a permanent additional use of this spell.
    If he WANTS to , he can use the spell more often than his limit allows, but if he does so, a rising chance of miscast:

    1st time above limit:25%
    2nd time above limit:50%
    3rd time '' '' :75%
    4th '' '' '' :75% (75%is maximum)

    Miscast: demon is summoned (either bloodletter, demonette, pink horror or Plague bearer) with very, VERY nasty rules,

    1. Hey I like it - especially the Miscast bits haha. I've actually already been working on this and in fact have a solution that seems to work - the hold up is fitting the new revision on a single page without screwing up my format! :)

      It works like this:

      A wizard may cast any number of spells during Exploration turns. However repeating any individual spell, more than once (meaning from his 3rd attempt on), will trigger a roll on the Tremors in the Warp table.
      A wizard must continue to make such rolls while casting this spell until a new combat is discovered; after which the adrenaline and sudden silence will elicit a new clarity and fresh mind for casting anew.