Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Bright Wizard...

Painted in two nights - which is a record (by a long shot) for me. I stuck to a very simple pallet which helped but it was a very fun miniature to paint.

It is a Darksword miniature. I made a large batch purchase of their minis at one point and I'll say, the sculpts are outstanding - but I will never buy a miniature from them again for two reasons; A) the metal/pewter is so soft that these miniatures are almost unusable for any gaming, though nice show pieces perhaps; and B) the 'base' is part of the sculpt yuck! ...the models are already large (heroic) for most game systems but they have these huge bases as part of the miniature. It took a lot of filing/cutting to remove the pewter base and get the model on a comparable base to the rest of my models.

Anyway here are some more pictures. Considering I did so little work on this model I am pretty pleased with how he came out:


  1. Really like the highlights and shades! Thanks for showing.

  2. wow my favourite part is the matching base - really kinda gives it a "board game piece" feel but obviously much nicer looking.. do you plan to do the same with the other "blue" wizard??

    first I've ever seen something like this and it's brilliance knows no bounds!

  3. Hey thanks guys!! I really appreciate the comments. This mini is basically all robe so it was easy to just focus on that and really make it 'bright'.

    The other wizard will actually end up being purple, the Amethyst Wizard, but it's a far less detailed sculpt so I'm not sure how it's going to look.

  4. ok - but will his base be "purple" like this one is red? such a neat idea!

    1. You know I gotta be honest, it was totally a fluke with this wizard haha, but since you mention it - it is a great idea! Thank you!!