Thursday, November 7, 2013

A simple mechanic - Doors...

One issue with combat that I personally wanted to address was the door-bottleneck scenario. If you've played Advanced Heroquest enough you know that the combat tactics can sometimes become repetitive and even stagnant. Digging through several of the other variants I've found many different solutions to this predicament, though most are quite complex. The one very easy solution however, seemed to also be the best to me. Simply change the door to count as 2 squares!

While the door models included in the Advanced Heroquest box are 1 square in width; it is advisable to count them as occupying 2 squares for all in-game purposes (ie, movement, line of sight, ranged attacks, etc...). This will provide greater tactical flexibility and prevent a bottle-neck at the door that is otherwise inevitable. This is one of the small changes included in the Enhanced - Advanced Heroquest rule set, be sure to check out the DOWNLOADS page of this blog.

You can continue to use the standard door with a little imagination, you can use the larger doors from Warhammer Quest, you could make your own doors, or you could download/print some paper doors. I recommend these:

Free paper doors (Inked Adventures)

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