Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Primed and Ready - Some Good Guys!

Not a ton of progress but I've got a handful of good guys primed and did base-coating work on the Bright Wizard. I decided I can't have a proper Advanced Heroquest blog without painting up at least a few of the original miniatures. The Knight and Dwarf are from the original box and the Elf is from the Advanced Heroquest Paint-set - one of the Wizards is from either Warhammer Quest or Talisman (I don't remember which) and the other is a Darksword miniature.

Here is just the Bright Wizard with some basic base-coating:

And here is the Wizard again with the "80's Rainbow Bright" filter, that I discovered totally by accident - but will use to help learn where his highlights will go.


  1. nice to see some AHQ love going around..good stuff man! :)

  2. Nice job with the wizard miniature paint. Also, did the AHQ paint set come with an information sheet for using the new characters in AHQ such as the wood elf, dark elf, and dwarf warrior? Was it rules and game statistics or just character stats?